Savonnerie Olympique was founded in 2009 with two Objectives:

1. The Production of the finest Quality 100% Natural Handmade Soap, based on the most valuable vegetable Oils and scented only with essential Oils, without chemical Foaming, Coloring, Flavoring and preservative Agents. The cold Saponification Method that we use, allows our Soaps to maintain the enormously beneficial Properties, Vitamins and other Elements of the Oil contained.

2. The Custom made Solid or Liquid Soaps Production, with the Standards already mentioned, so giving the Consumer Customer entitled to create the Soap of his Choice, through the large List of Oils and Materials featuring in Savonnerie Olympique.

The first Objective already satisfies the Needs of the Consumer, who wishes e.g. a Calendula Soap, actually to acquire a natural Soap made wholly and exclusively from Calendula Oil and not a Soap prepared basically from Olive Oil, probably some other complementary Oils and a small Percentage of Calendula Oil, which is not easily detectable in the final Product.

All Soaps in Savonnerie Olympique Laboratories are Handcrafted in an unforced and natural Production Procedure and contain exclusively the Oil from which they have been produced. These are the main reasons that the Savonnerie Olympique Soaps have a high Cost.

The second Aim satisfies all those who wish to take Care of Skin and Hair with a Soap that is not just only a Cleaner but a high quality Product designed and prescribed exclusively by them, based on their personal Needs, whether they are cosmetic, either therapeutic or even preventive of many adverse Situations that may occur in the Skin and Hair from the long term Use of ordinary so called Soaps, but strictly speaking, Chemical Detergents.

In 2014 Savonnerie Olympique also extended the Custom made (Sur Mesure) Production in the Field of Natural Body Oils and Creams, already with great response from our conscious Consumers, not only from all over Greece, but also from many Countries of Europe and America.